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We can repair all your garage door parts here at Garage Door Repair of Richmond, TX. Our staff is well equipped to handle all your garage door service requests. Next time something stops working on your system, we ask that you contact us immediately. 

Springs Are Dangerous To Install Alone

Springs on your equipment are one of those parts that are dangerous to install when you haven't been trained properly. These parts are put under a lot of stress and when they break they can take out an eye, damage your drywall, or more. We ask that you let us handle all spring repairs or replacements. 

Our trained staff can get your new springs installed for you in no time. We want our customers to stay safe by letting us handle the repairs. Be sure to let us know if your springs are beginning to rust or need replacing today. 

We Work Hard On Repairs

Did you know that annual repairs are important to the life of your garage? These annual services help to get your system running while helping to prevent major emergency problems down the road. Our office can get a tech out to your home today whether you have had this planned all year or if you thought of it this morning.

We make sure that we get our customers taken care of. Annual repairs mean that your system will work more efficiently through the year. We replace all parts that are damaged, we make repairs, and more. 

We Offer Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

If something has broken or is damaged, then let us know. No matter what the clock says, we will come out. We know that an emergency problem can arise at any time. 

This is why our office is always open to the public. There is always a tech on call that can get your system checked out. We never want you to wait for a service that you need right away. 

We Have New Models Ready To Go

There are so many models that you can choose from when you are getting ready to buy for your home. Each of our models is custom built and can be completed in just a few weeks. Take a look at a few of the models you can purchase:

  • The Durafirm Collection
  • The Envy Collection
  • Impression Steel
  • Traditional Wood
  • The Carriage Collection
  • Carriage Signature 
  • Impression Fiberglass
  • And More

The options are endless!

We Can Come Out Now

If you would like a service completed before the day is over, then we can do it. We employ enough techs to cover all the services that need completing in a day. You never have to wait when you choose us. 

We Can Come Out To Your Place Now

The technicians here at Garage Door Repair of Richmond, TX is always open to better serve you. We are here to handle any garage door problem that arises. Please call our office now!

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